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Chicago Hotels & Travel


There are lots of hotel options in Chicago. You might want to consult some of the Chicago travel guides if you haven't been to Chicago before:




Lonely Planet



Downtown Chicago hotels often get booked up well in advance. It's usually less expensive to stay near the airport or in the suburbs. Some hotel options near the seminar:


The Embassy Suites hotel is certainly comfortable and convenient, if available at a reasonable price which it often is not.


Basic: the Comfort Inn & Suites. Conveniently located and relatively inexpensive. It's usually available with advance reservations for about $150.


It has been our experience that better rates can sometimes be found by checking a day or two before arrival. Try booking through the hotel directly to save the service fee, although the rate is not always available directly. If price is important to you, you might want to book a decent rate that can be cancelled with 24 hours notice, then check at the last minute for a better option. Much better rates are often available in the suburbs and near airports.




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