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The Guide to Marriage Success




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Cold Feet

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"...Easy to relate to and highly effective…. Exactly what I was looking for…. A must."


A marriage preparation book and workbook

  • For premarital (engaged and couples considering becoming engaged) and newlywed couples - and for anyone who wants to maximize the success of their marriage or other long-term relationship


  • Based on a thorough review of the latest scientific research as presented in Marriage Success Training premarital education seminars


  • What you need to know before your wedding about being married and staying happily married

The next best thing to attending an MST seminar


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Frankly, we believe that attending an MST seminar is the best preparation for your marriage because of the interactive learning format, among other reasons. We know though that not everyone can attend a seminar, so our Guide to Marriage Success is based on our popular seminar to give these couples 'the next best thing.' We also know that reading this book and doing some of the exercises will convince many couples of the value of also attending a seminar. (And we'll credit the price of your book purchase toward your seminar registration, should you decide to attend later.)






Marriage Success & Failure
Bonding & Intimacy – Styles & Strategies

Relate Inventory
Fighting & Conflict Resolution - Major Life Decision-Making
Supplemental Inventory
Inventory Reviews
Family of Origin & In-Law Issues
First-Year (and Beyond) Marriage Expectations
Optional Topic: Becoming Parents
Optional Topic: Exploring Cultural, Racial and Religious Differences
Financial Issues
Balancing Family and Work
Optional Topic: Remarriage
Optional Topic: Stepfamilies
Friendship & Commitment
Summary Wrap-Up
Suggested Reading
Stress Management
Time Management



Why buy a book like this?


Books like The Hard Questions are great for helping you and your partner understand each other better. But they DON'T help you to communicate more effectively about what you discover. And there ARE critical facts about marriage success and failure that you must understand in order to beat the odds that are stacked against you. Now the surprising results of scientific marriage research and advice on how to these apply to your relationship are distilled for you in one place by marriage success experts Patty & Greg Kuhlman, originators of Marriage Success Training premarital education seminars. (Click the About Us link on the menus above or below to learn more our backgrounds and qualifications.)


Unlike many other marriage prep books and workbooks, this book is a comprehensive approach that doesn't attempt to market itself to you as 'the ten questions you must answer' or the 'seven keys to marriage' or any other overly simplistic formula. Just like our seminar, it doesn't take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it helps you understand the advantages of a variety of success strategies and which may be right for your marriage.


We don't advocate a pre-packaged system of techniques, although we will tell you about these systems. Instead, we present you with a range of options (based on the best, most recent scientific research) to promote marriage success and give you ways to select those that suit you best according to your relationship profile (e.g., best tools relative to your respective communication and conflict management styles, etc.) So, you choose the approaches that are most comfortable and compatible for you and your partner. We want to help you find your definition of marriage success, your goals, and to help you learn about and select the proven tools that are right for you to get you there.


Of course, you could take the time to read ten or twenty books, survey the professional literature and review three or four of the top marriage prep courses yourself. We've done all that for you, and more, to help you maximize the success of your marriage with a reasonable investment of your time and energy. We cut through all of the conflicting advice about marriage (and help you understand why there is such conflicting advice) to give you a comprehensive understanding of marriage success, based on the latest research, as well as time-tested approaches.


There is only one goal for this book: Maximizing your opportunity to enjoy a happy, enduring, successful marriage.


Like our seminar, the book includes a comprehensive set of individual and couple exercises for each topic to help you and your partner prepare and plan for an intentionally successful approach to marriage. The exercises are designed to be completed even by couples who are geographically separated.


Give yourselves the best wedding present you'll ever get by preparing for marriage comprehensively. Marriage preparation is the single most important investment you can make in the long-term success of your relationship according to the latest marriage research.


The Guide to Marriage Success is an approximately 220 page (we update and add to the book frequently), spiral-bound, workbook-style book which includes comprehensive marriage prep information and exercises for you and your partner.


Sample the content of the Guide to Marriage Success by clicking on the topics in the box at the left. These articles will give you a good preview of our approach to marriage success strategies and the flavor of the book.



Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund the purchase price, less shipping and handling, if you return the book to us in new / unused condition.


Guide to Marriage Success is in draft preparation at this time. We are seeking a publisher and/or agent at this time.


Click here for info on private premarital prep packages and consultations including phone options (which include a draft advance copy of our Guide to Marriage Success book, available now).



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