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Phone / Web Cam Consultation


We provide phone / web cam consultation sessions and packages for couples and/or individuals.



Premarital / Marriage Education Package


For couples who are unable to attend a seminar date or prefer a private format, we offer a $695 premarital education package that includes:


·      A relationship inventory;

·       A 200 page workbook of structured reading materials and exercises similar to those used in the MST seminar;

·       3 sessions (approximately 4 hours) of in-person and/or web cam / phone consultation.


Click here for more details about the package.


Call or write (click Contact info on above menu) to discuss a consultation or package.



Consultation (Education, Counseling or Therapy) Sessions


We do also provide phone / web cam consultation sessions for other couples and individuals. We consult with married or LTR couples with distressed relationships, as well as with premarital couples, and with individuals. Like our seminars, our private consultations emphasize a positive, comprehensive, structured, but flexible, approach to marriage success education, skill-building and practical strategies. Patty is a NY licensed clinical social worker and her private consultation fee is $150 per hour. (She sometimes is able to offer a reduced fee depending on financial circumstances.) Greg is a NY licensed psychologist and his fee is $180 per hour.  A typical consultation runs about 75-90 minutes. Payment in advance is required by credit/debit card, bank e-transfer, etc., through our PayPal web-based payment processing system. We do not accept any direct insurance payment or participate in provider networks, but we will provide a receipt for the service provided and you may apply for reimbursement from your insurance. Call or write (click Contact info on above menu) to discuss a consultation.


To arrange a consultation, contact us by e-mail (preferred) or phone to arrange an appointment:


Patty at

Greg at


Please click on Contact in the menu bar above/ below for phone contact info.


When you write to us, please tell us:


Your names

Your phone number(s)

Your ages, occupations, family, cultural / religious backgrounds

Your relationship status (i.e., married, engaged, considering, living together, dating, etc.); for how long

The consultation issue as you see it

Any other background information that you feel will help us understand your situtation

Times you could be available


Payment links:


Patty consultation payment

Greg consultation payment

Premarital Package consultation payment

Intro brief consultation payment





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