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Seven Keys to Success


Research has identified seven specific areas of relationship skills and knowledge that contribute to successful marriage:


·        Compatibility

·        Expectations

·        Personalities and families-of-origin

·        Communication

·        Conflict resolution

·        Intimacy and sexuality

·        Long-term goals


MST builds your skills and knowledge in each of these areas and beyond by helping you to:


·        Identify and enhance your relationship strengths

·        Better understand yourself and your relationship style

·        Better understand your partner’s background and style

·        Understand your relationship compatibility profile

·        Explore your expectations

·        Set key relationship boundaries

·        Accommodate your personality styles

·        Appreciate gender issues that affect your compatibility

·        Understand family-of-origin issues that impact on your relationship

·        Strengthen your relationship skills, including conflict management, resolution and consensus building abilities

·        Select the set of strategies and skills that work for you and your style

·        Identify areas that need change

·        Apply your own style and new skills to key relationship issues and challenges (including sexuality, finances, family-of-origin issues, personality and style conflicts, etc.)

·        Avoid unhealthy or destructive relationship habits and behaviors

·        Identify and develop attitudes and approaches that enhance intimacy and promote growth

·        Deepen intimacy and enhance sexual compatibility

·        Plan long-term strategies to build on strengths and address areas of challenge

·        Plan long-term strategies to address the issues associated with the normal stages of marriage



Positive marriage success strategies that you can adopt and will learn more about at MST, include:


·        Keep it positive. Learn about the important five-to-one ratio. Be sure to 'make up' after fights and when your relationship takes a negative turn.

·        Protect your relationship: Don't neglect the needs of your relationship (including your sex life) because of outside pressures - work, children, etc.

·        Your expectations for change must be realistic. Sometimes the only way you can change your partner is by changing yourself.



See the tips articles in the box at left for more detailed info on marriage success factors and strategies. We especially recommend Bonding & Marriage Success.



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