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Washington, DC Hotels & Travel


There are lots of hotel options in Washington, DC. You might want to consult some of the DC travel guides if you haven't been to DC before:




Lonely Planet


Amtrak is very convenient from NYC, NJ, Philadelphia, Delaware, etc., but consider bus service if cost is an issue. If you're traveling by air, there is an inexpensive Dulles airport bus to the Metro at curb stop 2E, $3 cash.)


Some relatively reasonable hotels near the seminar to consider:


We often stay at the Jurys Washington hotel on du Pont Circle. (Careful, there is more than one Jurys in DC.) Rate of about $100 - 125 is often, but not always available. Comfortable with

restaurant, free internet. A couple of blocks from the Westin.


We've also stayed at the Hilton Embassy Row when a good rate is offered ($100 - 130, depending on season, but not available as frequently as the Jurys reduced rate).


A great value: booking the St. Gregory Hotel & Suites through when a good rate is offered (sometimes as low as $112--but not lately, including tax/booking fee). This rate is not available through the hotel directly. You'll want to book a back-up room somewhere that you can cancel if the St. Gregory comes through. It's about 4 - 5 blocks from the Circle, and we usually get a very high-end, spacious suite, well-appointed and equipped--kitchen, living area, bedroom, nice large bathroom. A great deal. For direct hotel info:


Relatively pricey, but certainly convenient, the Westin Embassy Row.


If you're coming in early and/or staying over, there are lots of restaurants and a lot of nightlife nearby.


If travelling by car and cost is important, hotel rates are lower in the suburbs.


It has been our experience that better rates can sometimes be found in DC by checking and/or hotel web sites a day or two before arrival for hotels near du Pont Circle. Try booking through the hotel directly to save the service fee, although the rate is not always available directly. If price is important to you, you might want to book well in advance at a decent rate that can be cancelled with 24 hours notice, then check a day or two before arrival for less expensive options.




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