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Manhattan Bride Magazine Article About MST


Manhattan Bride magazine is profiling MST in its Fall/Winter 2003 issue. They have provided us with the text of their article.


Your Fabulous Wedding ­

& Marriage Success


Planning your wedding is a microcosm of the decisions, pressures, and demands that you will face in marriage: financial pressures, competing priorities, and managing relations with family members are just a few of the most common issues.


Patty and Greg Kuhlman of Marriage Success Training, show couples how they can enhance their wedding planning experience and their marriage with thoughtful preparation. "Most couples don't realize that good pre-marriage preparation can reduce the risk of divorce by up to thirty percent," says Patty. "Preparation will also lead to a significantly more satisfying marriage, according to recent research."


Happily married, Patty and Greg combined their careers in counseling and psychology to create "Marriage Success Training," a religion-neutral program which educates couples in building a strong foundation to meet the challenges they will face.


"Marriage has always been viewed as a major life transition," says Greg. "And marriage preparation is as old as marriage itself. But marriage has changed a great deal in recent years, and couples now face more demands. The typical complex marriage, managing two careers while rearing children, requires couples to have strong abilities to communicate, resolve issues, maintain mutuality, and set goals. Without this foundation, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by stress and pressure, which is why many marriages don't endure."The program, rooted in marriage research from the last twenty years, educates engaged couples and newlyweds in the skills, habits, attitudes, and enrichment techniques which have been shown to lead to happy marriages. "Workshops are education, not therapy," says Patty. "Couples select conflict resolution strategies that are most appropriate to their relationship style. They also set goals and make systematic long-term plans for their relationship. It can sound a bit dry, but couples really have a great time at the workshop-even the men."


Regardless of the kind of preparation you choose, be sure to engage in activities that will provide you with real skills, expectations, and knowledge that will help you face the inevitable challenges that lie ahead. "The difference between a great marriage and one that¹s struggling is not as much as you might think," says Greg. "It's important to prepare for your future while you have so much fresh positive energy in your relationship."





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