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Premarital / Marriage Education Package


For couples who are unable to attend a seminar date or prefer a private format, we offer a $995 premarital education package that includes:


·      A relationship inventory;

·       A 200 page workbook of structured reading materials and exercises similar to those used in the MST seminar;

·       3 - 4 sessions (approximately 4 - 5 hours) of in-person and/or phone consultation.


[We do always encourage premarital couples to strongly consider attending the seminar, instead of or in addition to private sessions, if they can because it is the most effective (and economical) means of providing comprehensive coverage of marriage success issues and strategies. There's just something involving and exciting about the experience of devoting a day to the success of your marriage, sharing with (or at least listening to) other couples, etc., that gives an immersion that's valuable and hard to duplicate in 'private.' And the seminar does turn out to be a more private, personalized experience than you might imagine, so do consider attending a seminar if you can.]



How does the package work?


When you enroll for the premarital / marriage education package, we will send you instructions for your MST premarital education workbook (readings and exercises), relationship inventory, etc. The usual procedure is for couples to download and print the initial workbook readings and exercises and to complete these and the relationship inventory before their first consultation appointment. (Consultation meetings can be arranged by phone or webcam for couples who find it more convenient.)


At this first meeting, you'll have an opportunity to discuss the readings, exercises and the relationship inventory. You need to set aside several hours to complete the readings, etc., before arranging your first consultation.


If you prefer, you can arrange a consultation appointment before completing the readings, etc., if you have an issue that you'd like to discuss first or just to get acquainted, but it's generally more productive to meet after you've done the initial readings, etc.


There are two more sets of readings and exercises to complete and a consultation following each of these, for a total of three or four consultation sessions (approximately 60 - 80 minutes each). Consultation meetings are usually every other week or so with most couples but the schedule is flexible depending on your pace and needs.


While the consultation focus varies for each couple, the readings and exercises (based on the seminar) cover the following topics:


Marriage Success & Failure Factors and Research
Bonding & Intimacy Styles & Strategies

Relationship Inventory
Fighting & Conflict Resolution - Major Life Decision-Making
Supplemental Inventory
Inventory Reviews
Family of Origin & In-Law Issues
First-Year (and Beyond) Marriage Expectations
Optional Topic: Becoming Parents
Optional Topic: Exploring Cultural, Racial and Religious Differences
Financial Issues
Balancing Family and Work
Optional Topic: Remarriage
Optional Topic: Stepfamilies
Friendship & Commitment
Suggested Reading
Stress Management
Time Management



In-Person Consultation NYC Location / Availability


Manhattan: Patty can offer Tuesday and Thurday appointments at 16 East 79th Street in Manhattan.


We can usually offer Monday - Thursday evening and Monday or Wednesday daytime meeting times in Park Slope, Brooklyn -- about 15 - 20 minutes from lower Manhattan by car or B, Q, 2, 3, 4 or 5 trains.


We look forward to working together to help you build the foundation for a life-long, successful marriage.


Call or write (click Contact info on above menu) to arrange or discuss a consultation or package.


When you are ready to enroll for a premarital education package, please make your payment using the link below and write to tell us:


Your names

Your phone number(s)

Your ages, occupations, family, cultural / religious backgrounds

Your relationship status (i.e., engaged, considering, living together, dating, married, etc.); for how long

Any special concern or consultation issue as you see it

Any other background information that you feel will help us understand your situtation

Times you could be available



Premarital education package payment link:


Click here for Premarital Package payment




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