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Introductory brief consultation



We offer an introductory brief consultation for $20. This 10 minute premarital / marriage education consultation is intended for those who would like us to comment briefly on a situation, issue, etc., usually by email, chat, text, phone or web cam. (One or two email exchanges can usually be accomplished in a brief consultation.)


For Longer Phone / Web Cam Consultations Click Here


We can be most helpful if you email some of the details (your ages, occupations, cultural backgrounds, relationship history and status (dating, engaged, married for how long), situation / issue as you see it, etc.) in advance.


If we feel that we are unable to assist you in this format, we will refund your payment. Otherwise, all payments are non-refundable. You are responsible for any international or other phone charges, etc.


Click the payment button below to initiate your payment.



Click this button to pay your $20 introductory premarital / marriage education brief consultation payment with your Visa, MasterCard, debit card, Discover, e-check, PayPal or Amex  





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