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Media articles, etc., featuring us / about marriage prep featuring MST


New York Times, Love You! Now, the Difficult Stuff ..., Feb. 12, 2012

Greg appeared on WNBC TV - New York Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough, Feb. 12, 2010

New York Times, Your Money: Four Money Talks to Have Before Marriage, Oct. 24, 2009

Chicago Sun-Times, Marriage 101

Washington Times, Wedlock: The Key

Washington Post, Broken Engagements

Tango Magazine, One Plus One - Kelly Bare discusses her experience with MST and other marriage prep

CNN phone-feed interview, Jennifer Wilbanks breaking news (April 30, 2005) - Click here for transcript



Media releases


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Jennifer Wilbanks: The lessons for couples about premarital cold feet - April 30, 2005

Premarital Preparation-­ It's Not Just for Religious or Poor Couples - March 24, 2004


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Arranging interviews with us


We'd be happy to make ourselves available for interviews on subjects related to marriage, couples relationships, etc. Call or e-mail us to arrange a mutually convenient time. Click here for contact info. We understand that you may be operating on a short deadline.



About Us


Gregory A. Kuhlman, Ph.D. is Director of the M.A. Program in Mental Health Counseling as well as the Personal Counseling Program at Brooklyn College, City University of New York where he is professor of psychology.  He is a New York State licensed psychologist with over thirty years of experience.  He has special interests in experiential approaches to learning and psychotherapy, group relations and couples. 


Greg’s family is from the Mid-West and relocated to the Los Angeles area during his childhood.  He received his B.A. from Columbia University and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the City University of New York.



Patricia Schell Kuhlman, MSW is a counselor with special interests in attachment and bonding, life transitions, personal growth and family of origin issues.


Patty grew up in the Chicago area.  She received her MSW from New York University and her B.S. from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  Education and counseling is her second career. 



They have been a couple since 1986 and married since 1989.  They have lived in New York City since the 1970's. They have a second home in Litchfield County, Connecticut.  They spent 1993 – 94 in Rome, Italy.



How We Started MST


Our marriage has been so important to us, but like most marriages it's been challenging. We didn't know anyone, including ourselves, who'd had adequate preparation for marriage. We knew couples who had so much together that was positive, but couldn't make their marriages work. We wished that these couples had had the advantage of knowing more about what research shows makes marriages succeed.


When we began to think about combining our careers, naturally all of our interests and experiences pointed to working with couples at the beginning of their marriages when a little help can make such a big difference for them. Everyone we spoke to was very enthusiastic-especially the married couples. "I wish we had done something like that," was the typical response. The more we thought about our ideas and began to prepare our program, the more we saw the need everywhere we looked. It seemed that every TV show and magazine was featuring stories about the challenges faced by newlyweds and young couples starting families.


We felt that the difference between a great marriage and one that's struggling is not as much as you might think. The research on marriage bears this out. So we built Marriage Success Training as a structured program to educate couples about building a strong foundation to weather the challenges of today's marriage. We wanted to provide religion-neutral, professional, research-based marriage preparation as an alternative or supplement to religion-based and other less comprehensive premarital counseling or programs.


We're very excited to work with couples who are beginning their lives together. It's fun for us to help them discover more about themselves. The couples really enjoy the group format--hearing other couples' experiences, including ours. We're moved when we see them deepen their connection to each other as they develop strategies to keep their relationship strong.



Can I observe an MST seminar?


We'd be happy to have you attend as our guests if you bring along a partner (could be a friend or colleague of the other gender--or your spouse if you're already married) so you can participate as a couple. You'll find it a valuable experience, even if you're just friends or dating, since you can both apply what you learn to current and future romantic relationships.


We'd also ask you to agree not to disclose the real names or other identifying characteristics of other participants. Let us know if you are interested in attending on this basis.




Can you help me contact couples to interview?


Sorry, because of our privacy policy, we are unable to put media representatives in touch with couples.





Click for quotes from couples who have attended recent MST seminars.



Contact Us


Please contact us if we can be of assistance.


E-mail us at


Our Google Voice phone - 646-484-9741 (Calls / messages will be forwarded and reach us quickly wherever we are.)


Our cell phones - Patty (best), 646-943-0706; Greg, 646-464-2023.


Call us Monday - Thursday evenings at 718-622-8380 (NYC) or 866-704-6565 (Toll Free).


Greg can be often be reached directly on Monday - Thursday at his Brooklyn College office 718-951-5174.


Friday - Sunday, we're usually (except seminar weekends) at 860-364-6020 or 866-704-6561 (Toll Free).


Regular schedule: September through May, we are at 718-622-8380 / 866-704-6565 for most of the week, except Friday - Sunday at 860-364-6020 / 866-704-6561.


Summer contact schedule: July though August, we are at 860-364-6020 / 866-704-6561 for most of the week, except Tuesday - Wednesday at 718-622-8380 / 866-704-6565. Schedule may vary so try both numbers.


Write to:


Kuhlman / MST

128 White Hollow Road

Sharon, CT 06069


Or contact us individually:


Patty at

Greg at





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